All Of The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2019

All Of The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2019

Instagram has become a world of its own. From documenting major life events to promoting businesses, the social media app has changed society entirely, giving everyone a platform to share their lives, talents, goals, and fantasies – all through photos. Not only can you post all about your latest relationship, vacation, or promotion, but you can see into the everday lives of your favorite celebs and influencers, just as you can with your friends and family members. There’s no better time to get inspired, laugh until you cry, and connect with like-minded people by following the best Instagram accounts of 2019.

Lifestyle and Fitness Instagram Accounts

Hannah Davis – 8,065 followers

Posted on Instagram by @bodybyhannah

Who doesn’t love workouts that are short and sweet? Hannah Davis is a personal trainer in ripped shape, and she has a mission – to get you off the couch! On the Instagram page, she generously shares her workouts along with helpful tips for helping you lead a healthier lifestyle. You’ll also enjoy seeing the adorable black dog that watches over her as she works out. If you’re looking for concise, practical tips for getting fitter and living healthier, give her a follow.

Follow: @bodybyhannah

Kaisa Keranan – 862k followers

Posted on Instagram by @kaisafit

Who says women can’t be strong and powerful? Kaisa Keranan is keeping with the trend. She reveals a glimpse into her strength-building routine that is anything but stereotypical. Watch as she works with dumbbells, heavy barbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, and even her own body weight. Then, let her take you through a plyometrics drill that’s sure to leave you in a pool of sweat. Hardcore, but it’s all about building strength and power, regardless of age or gender. Follow along!

Follow: @kaisafit

Shauna Harrison, Ph.D. – 85K followers

Posted on Instagram by @ shauna_harrison

After the high-intensity stuff, you need a little mind-body exercise. That’s where Shauna Harrison, Ph.D. comes in. This yoga professor from Johns Hopkins will have you twisting and contorting your body in ways you never thought possible. Feeling lazy? She’s a master at keeping you motivated too. Whether you want more flexibility or want to challenge your body to bend in new directions, her Instagram account has you covered.

Follow: @ shauna_harrison

Roz the Diva – 39.9k followers

Posted on Instagram by @rozthediva

Roz Mays is a pole dancing instructor who makes no apologies about being plus-sized. In person, her pole dancing classes sell out quickly, as people love her sassy style and unwillingness to be “fat shamed.” You can follow her routines online and discover a different and exciting way to stay fit – pole dancing. She’ll also motivate you to love your body regardless of its size or shape. Bodies of any size can be beautiful, and Roz makes that clear!

Follow: @rozthediva

Sara Haley – 28.9k followers

Posted on Instagram by @sarahaleyfit

Sara Haley shows you that motherhood and fitnessmix. Sara Haley is a mom of several adorable children and still manages to stay fit. Being a trainer, she also has expertise in the area of fitness. On Instagram, she shares her fitness routines and gives you a peek into her life as a busy mom. She’s the perfect person to follow if you’re looking for advice and motivation on how to exercise when you’re pregnant, post-partum, or if you need routines you can manage while being a mom.

Follow: @sarahaleyfit

Beauty and Fashion Instagram Accounts

Sophia Roe – 216k followers

Posted on Instagram by @sophiaroe

Sometimes fashion jumps out at you with its bright colors and patterns, but if minimalism is more your style, you’ll love the classic, understated elegance of Sophia Roe. A blogger based in Copenhagen, Denmark, this fashion aficionado looks like she stepped off the cover of Vogue. Get a glimpse of her minimalistic fashion sense and how to put together your own simple, but elegant, style. Fashion doesn’t have to be fussy or complicated to impress!

Follow: @sophiaroe

Peepy and Mother Lee, Thailand – 128K followers

Posted on Instagram by @peepy_and_mother_lee

Talk about unique style! This mother and son pair dress in lavish, colorful costumes as they travel the world together. The two have gained fame for the unique, matching fashion combos they show off during their travel adventures. The over-the-top pair top it off with an equally fashion-forward pair of sunglasses and other creative accessories. Their favorite quote is “real style is never right or wrong.” They’re obviously getting it right, judging from how many followers they have.

Follow: @peepy_and_mother_lee

Nao Takahashi SHIMA – 19.9K followers

Posted on Instagram by @ nao__takahash

If you have a penchant for punk haircuts and a passion for fashion, you’ll find endless inspiration from Nao Takahashi Shima, a Japanese hair stylist who also walked the runway in the Dolce and Gabbana fashion show in 2018. He’s hip, unique, and his fashion sense and style are cutting edge. Take a walk on the wild side and take a look at his Instagram page!

Follow: @ nao__takahash

Christie Tyler (nycbambi) – 316K followers

Posted on Instagram by @nycbamb

If color isn’t your thing and you love the understated look of neutrals, you’ll feel right at home with this Instagram account. Rising Instagram star, Christie Tyler, inspires you with posts of elegant clothing and home accessories in timeless neutral shades, all from the heart of New York City. What it lacks in color, her feed makes up for with timeless sophistication. It just might inspire you to upgrade your own wardrobe and home by adding a few neutrals.

Follow: @nycbamb

Baddie Winkles – 3.8M followers

Posted on Instagram by @baddiewinkle

Fashion isn’t just for the young, as this almost 90-year-old great grandmother makes clear. Baddie Winkle defies the rules by wearing fun and often outlandish outfits that jive with her quirky personality. Her message is clearly resonating with her audience as her list of followers, including celebrities, continues to grow. Regardless of what she wears, her humor shines through and she always wears a smile.

Follow: @baddiewinkle

Funny Instagram Accounts

Tinder Convos – 190K followers

Posted on Instagram by @tinderconvos

Whether or not you are into swiping right, you’ll get a kick out of this funny Instagram account. From dating fails to opening lines, users of the app submit screenshots of the most outlandish, hilarious conversations on Tinder. But fair warning: once you start reading these, you’ll be hooked.

Follow: @tinderconvos

Miserable Men – 346K followers

Posted on Instagram by @miserable_men

How many men love shopping? Not many but their wives sure do. This Instagrammer captures photos of men as they wait on their wives to finish shopping. Now, you can laugh at other poor guys who endure hours of waiting for their wives or significant other to make their final selections at the shopping mall. The expressions on their faces – the ones who haven’t fallen asleep on the job. A candid look at what guys look like when they’re forced to live through a shopping trip!

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