Metal Gear Solid PC Download Link and System Requirement

Metal Gear Solid PC Download Link and System Requirement

Are you a big fan of the Japanese game? It cannot be denied that games developed by Japan seem to have certain attraction that gives different sensation compared to American games. Among many releases of Japanese game, Metal Gear Solid is one that becomes gamer’s favorite. The game that was firstly released in 1998 has sequels which are MGS 2: Sons of Liberty. If you are looking for Metal Gear Solid PC download, keep on reading carefully.

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System Requirements

Some games have different minimum system requirements that should be met. These requirements enable you to run the game appropriately on your PC. Running the game without considering the minimum requirements will end up leading you in to trouble. If you are going to get Metal Gear Solid PC download soon, make sure your PC meets these. PROMOTED CONTENT     From Rags To Riches: A Girl Earns Her 1st Million & Buys A Lambo         Here Is A Quick Way To Earn Money In Ludhiana         A Girl Makes 145,000 Rupees A Day With This Simple Method         Want To Live A Rich Life? Start Earning With Olymp Trade      

To appropriately run Metal Gear Solid PC download, your CPU should be at least Intel Core i5 or Quad core. This game will use 4 GB of RAM; therefore your PC must have higher RAM. The minimum operating system should be Windows 7, Windows 8 and higher. For good experience, NVidia GeForce is the minimum video card. About the free disk space, your PC should have minimum 28 GB of free space.

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How to Download and Install

For your information, once your PC has the required system, you are ready to download the game. Metal Gear Solid is developed by Konami Computer Japan, which means you can find it in their official website on Once you access the website, you have to enter your birthdate to make sure you are allowed to access the game. The game is for 17 age and up. On this site, you can buy Metal Gear Solid game.

Actually, there are many websites that provide unofficial Metal Gear Solid PC download. In case you are interested to download from those sites, make sure you have download manager to help you out. Well, no matter where you get the game files, still you need to install them on your PC. Installing game is sometimes tricky. Therefore, you need this guide to install the game. Now, just follow the instructions below to install on PC.

  • Find the game file on your downloaded folder.
  • Double click to open, find “setup” icon.
  • Double click and there will be Metal Gear Solid dialogue box.
  • Click next and you have to choose the game destination location. Choose your desired location and click next.
  • Choose your desired component and choose continue.
  • You will start to unpack the archives.
  • There will be another dialogue box from Microsoft Direct. Accept the agreement.
  • Your game will be installed right away.

Well, what do you think about this Metal Gear Solid PC download? Overall this Japanese game is a fun, thrilling game for you. Your adrenaline will rush as you have to fight against the terrorists and rebels. This game is not for kids because you have to be at least 17 years old to play Metal Gear Solid.

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