You TV Player – Watch TV Online

You TV Player – Watch TV Online

You TV Player is a video player for Android that, with the correct settings, lets you stream hundreds of video channels directly on your device.

With You TV Player, you can play any video that’s saved on your device’s memory by just choosing My Device from the left panel. And if you go to the Help menu from that same panel and you request help, you’ll receive a special key with which you can unlock new features. It’s important to know that this key can take a few minutes to arrive, but it will come.

Once you have the key, you’ll just have to follow the directions indicated on the help menu, and in seconds you’ll be able to stream any available video channel. You’ll find movie channels, cartoons, sports, music, etc. – all just one click away.

Features of You TV Player

Here are some great features of the youtvplayer app:-

  • You can watch the latest movies and shows for free.
  • You can run on any android devices with Android 4.0 and above.
  • It supports all type of video formats like MP4, AVI, 3GP and much more.
  • You tv player has also got a User Interface feature which allows you to add a password to your videos and run accordingly with your permission.
  • You play player has a massive collection of TV channels where you can see videos your favorite genres of music, movie, cartoons, news and regional too.
  • It is a customizable app, and you may customize it from the Push Settings as per your choice.
  • You can connect even on different social networking sites and share it and tell your friends about it.
  • One more specific feature of you player tv also supports chromecast which means you may stream any of your favorite videos through your android device.

You Tv Player APP Details:

Name of AppYou TV PlayerLatest Version22.xxSize Of App20MBRequirementAndroid 4.0+ or laterLicenseFreeLast UpdatedApril, 2019Developer

You TV Player Download

Every day thousands of apps are downloaded by different users either on smartphones or on windows.

So,  if you need one best online video player then presenting You TV Player Download Links for various devices before you.

Download you tv player for free and enjoy movies and tv shows.

It is available on different platforms like Android, Windows, Mac OS, and iOS.

To know more on how to download you tv player app on different platform keep reading this:

Descargar You TV Player for Android

You Play Player is not available on play store.

We are going to install it with the help of APK.

I think you know about apk file. Well, it is a file format for Android which is being installed and used its services.

However, don’t stress we have a guide for you which will surely work. So follow these steps to download You TV player app for free.

How to Install You TV Player on Android Devices?

  1. First, Download You TV Player from the download link above.
  2. Now, enable Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources by following this path- Settings> Security> Unknown Sources> Enable> OK.
  3. Now install the apk file from the file manager where you have downloaded it.
  4. After that accept all the permissions, and it will take some time to complete its installation process.

Now you are done installing this App. Enjoy the app.

Descargar You TV Player for PC

If you are a PC user and not using an android device or for whatever reason you want to use you tv player in your pc then follow the tutorial below.

Well, speaking truth to you this app is officially not available for windows.
However, not to worry we have some trick for you through which you will able to run this app on windows too. So follow these steps to catch it.

Let’s discuss the System Requirements first:-

  • Windows 10/8.1/8.7/XP/Vista
  • At least you need 5 GB of free space for the emulator files and you tv player files to install.
  • Need 2 GB of RAM
  • Good internet speed connection

We will be downloading it through software called Nox Player in your PC. So, follow these steps to use it easily.

Step 1:  Download the Nox Player application from its official site and install it on your PC.

Step 2: Now, download the You TV Player Apk file from our page.

Step 3: After that, open the Nox player app and select the app icon to install the youtv player.

Step 4: Now choose the apk file from the pc

Step 5: Once you have selected the apk file it will start installing it.

Step 6: Enjoy the app from the Nox Player home screen.

Still couldn’t install in your PC, Need Help? Read how to pull this off in detail here.

You Tv Player for iOS

You tv player for iPhone devices will be the most demanding ones because as you all know it has the best mobile operating system all over the world.

You player is not yet released for iPhone, but we are giving you the best alternatives regarding this hope you will like it.

  • Flex Player for iOS
  • VLC Media Player For iOS
  • OPlayer for iPhone
  • GPlayer for iOS
  • 8Player for iPhone

You TV Player Online

Users, not having an Android device can enjoy movies and TV Shows with You Tv Player. You don’t have to download anything open your browser and starting enjoying it.

The online platform is still in the development stage. When it’s available, we will update the article here.

YouTv Player for Smart Tv

Nowadays, Smart TVs are trending. People prefer to buy a Smart TV because of the features provided by it like watching online videos or streaming live videos directly on your tv.

Follow these steps to run your favorite app you tv player on a Smart TV-

  1. The first step is to enable the installation of apps from “Unknown Source.”
  2. Downloading You TV Player on your Smart TV (Descargar you tv player gratis on your Smart TV).
  3. Installing and running it.
  • Go to the Settings app on your Smart TV, navigate your way to “Security” and check “Unknown Sources.“
  • Download You TV Player Apk for Smart TV on your Smart TV.
  • Now install the Downloaded App from [email protected] and Fire up youtv player on your Smart TV.

You TV Player for Chromecast

Youtv player is now also available for chromecast which means you can directly watch your favorite shows on TV through the internet.

Just read the steps to use it:-

Step 1: Download the You Tv player apk file on your android device and install it.

Step 2: Download and install All Cast.

Step 3: Now open the app and select the media you want to run on chromecast.

Step 4: Move your finger on the Play button and select All Cast as a player.

Step 5: All cast will connect to chromecast.

Step 6: Finally, you are done with it. Now start playing your favorite movies.

You TV Player ForAmazon Fire TV Stick

Watching your favorite shows on Tv is a great experience. You tv player can efficiently work on amazon fire tv stick.

One significant advantage is that once you have installed this app on fire tv stick, you have not to connect your phone every time.


  1. Fire TV Stick
  2. Android Device
  3. Internet Connection
  • Start your fire tv stick and go to this path Settings > Device and select the option ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Download Easy Fire Tools on your Android Device.
  • Open Easy Fire Tools and click on the search icon in the top right corner and then select your fire tv stick.
  • Now, if you have youtv player installed on your android device then select you tv player from “Installed” tab and click on install else download you tv player apk, and you will see you tv player in the Apps tab which is next to Installed tab also.
  • After some time You Tv Player will be installed on your Fire TV stick, and you start enjoying Unlimited Movies and TV Shows.

Descargar You TV Player For Android TV

Android TV is a new latest tech which makes a normal tv a smart tv, it is a great device to run apps freely.

Follow these steps to run your favorite app you tv player on an Android TV-

  1. The first step is to enable the installation of apps from “Unknown Source.”
  2. Downloading You TV Player on your Android TV (Descargar you tv player gratis on your Android TV).
  3. Installing and running it.
  • Go to the Settings app on your Android TV, navigate your way to “Security” and check “Unknown Sources.“
  • Download You TV Player for Android Tv on your Android TV.
  • Now install the Downloaded App from [email protected] and Fire up youtv player on your Android TV.

Hurray!! You TV Player is now successfully installed on your Android TV. You can now start enjoying it.

So, here we have covered all the information regarding you tv player. If you have any problems regarding this, you may comment below in the comment section. I am always here to resolve your issues.

How To Use Dual WhatsApp In Single Android Device?

How To Use Dual WhatsApp In Single Android Device?

Use dual WhatsApp in one Phone: 2 WhatsApp numbers can be simultaneously used on a single device using the methods mentioned here. You can use them back and forth as much as you like with keeping all other functionalities intact. Meaning, the availability of more than one number does not comes after sacrificing existing features. There is a significant amount of users who posses more than one number in their phones. Especially in southern Asian countries,  the dual sim phones are present in abundance.

But as much as we want it, there is no inherent option to run dual numbers in WhatsApp. However, there is a way around the barrier and we are going to talk about the same here. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to run 2 WhatsApp numbers in one mobile phone.

How To use Dual WhatsApp Numbers in One Phone

There are several methods to achieve the state having Two WhatsApp Numbers in phone. We are going to be stating the most efficient and easy ones so that less brain fuel gets burnt during the process. From here on, we suggest you to follow each instruction as its portrayed as omission  of any shall prevent you from producing desired outcomes.

  • To use dual whatsapp features, we’ll have to take help of a third-party tool. FM WhatsApp is a very capable one in this case. How this will work is that you will have the original WhatsApp in your phone and this mod shall act as the other one.
  • Download FM WhatsApp from the link mentioned
  • Install the APK file normally
  • Make sure to enable unknown sources installation from the settings
  • Get over with the process and open FM WhatsApp
  • Then Verify your number through OTP
  • That’s all now you have 2 WhatsApp on your android phone.

FM WhatsApp MOD comes with tons of interesting features like you can change your theme hide Typing, Online status and much more you can also lock your personal conversations with pattern, Password or PIN.

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This short tutorial has made it clear that the method is in fact, a way around the system – and That is fine. There are no ill-effects involved with the results. The reason why WhatsApp Does not supports dual numbers is outrageously cynical and we are going to talk about at the very end of this piece.

Follow the tutorial as it is and do let us know if the end game makes you satisfied. If not, we’re happy to assist you from getting out of any technical ordeal you might be facing – Comment your issues in detail but make sure to follow all the methods mentioned before doing so. You can also try to change the method upon failure of the last one. Nonetheless, all methods of dual WhatsApp mentioned here are very much capable of providing you with the functionality in question.

Advantages of Dual WhatsApp Numbers

First and foremost, having more options is always preferable. No matter whether there is a necessity for two numbers at present, the sheer possibility of having one in future alone makes it logical to opt for this functionality.

  • Dual numbers makes it easier to bifurcate business and personal life
  • One can go anonymous when they desire to using a non-circulating phone number
  • Different versions can run at the same time giving you a taste unique to each
  • There is no hidden cost involved in the process of getting Dual WhatsApp Numbers.

Apart from giving options, Dual WhatsApp makes life a bit easier by helping you separate work from personal life. It could be a mess having family and business chats lying above each other. When in business mode, mindset needs to be focused to make logical decisions. Having informal chats around the work-conversation can negatively affect the cognitive ability surrounding work ethics.


As mentioned, Dual WhatsApp is a crucial feature that many of us find ideal to opt. Even after a huge outcry for the restrictions that original WhatsApp enforces, things remain unchanged. The reason for this cannot be stated with a hundred percent certainty but high chances are it being some cash-oriented reason. When we look at the company’s past, it has been notorious for making people wait for new features until to the point when they start begging.

This strengthens the feedback that comes after the introduction of that feature, making people more thankful than ever. Such tactics are used from time-to-time to make sure the in-flow of a product. Learning this, it becomes only justified and logical to use your way around the fences. This is why we’ve put up this tutorial on How To Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone. In case you learned something from it, do share so that others can educate themselves to opt for this feature

All Of The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2019

All Of The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2019

Instagram has become a world of its own. From documenting major life events to promoting businesses, the social media app has changed society entirely, giving everyone a platform to share their lives, talents, goals, and fantasies – all through photos. Not only can you post all about your latest relationship, vacation, or promotion, but you can see into the everday lives of your favorite celebs and influencers, just as you can with your friends and family members. There’s no better time to get inspired, laugh until you cry, and connect with like-minded people by following the best Instagram accounts of 2019.

Lifestyle and Fitness Instagram Accounts

Hannah Davis – 8,065 followers

Posted on Instagram by @bodybyhannah

Who doesn’t love workouts that are short and sweet? Hannah Davis is a personal trainer in ripped shape, and she has a mission – to get you off the couch! On the Instagram page, she generously shares her workouts along with helpful tips for helping you lead a healthier lifestyle. You’ll also enjoy seeing the adorable black dog that watches over her as she works out. If you’re looking for concise, practical tips for getting fitter and living healthier, give her a follow.

Follow: @bodybyhannah

Kaisa Keranan – 862k followers

Posted on Instagram by @kaisafit

Who says women can’t be strong and powerful? Kaisa Keranan is keeping with the trend. She reveals a glimpse into her strength-building routine that is anything but stereotypical. Watch as she works with dumbbells, heavy barbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, and even her own body weight. Then, let her take you through a plyometrics drill that’s sure to leave you in a pool of sweat. Hardcore, but it’s all about building strength and power, regardless of age or gender. Follow along!

Follow: @kaisafit

Shauna Harrison, Ph.D. – 85K followers

Posted on Instagram by @ shauna_harrison

After the high-intensity stuff, you need a little mind-body exercise. That’s where Shauna Harrison, Ph.D. comes in. This yoga professor from Johns Hopkins will have you twisting and contorting your body in ways you never thought possible. Feeling lazy? She’s a master at keeping you motivated too. Whether you want more flexibility or want to challenge your body to bend in new directions, her Instagram account has you covered.

Follow: @ shauna_harrison

Roz the Diva – 39.9k followers

Posted on Instagram by @rozthediva

Roz Mays is a pole dancing instructor who makes no apologies about being plus-sized. In person, her pole dancing classes sell out quickly, as people love her sassy style and unwillingness to be “fat shamed.” You can follow her routines online and discover a different and exciting way to stay fit – pole dancing. She’ll also motivate you to love your body regardless of its size or shape. Bodies of any size can be beautiful, and Roz makes that clear!

Follow: @rozthediva

Sara Haley – 28.9k followers

Posted on Instagram by @sarahaleyfit

Sara Haley shows you that motherhood and fitnessmix. Sara Haley is a mom of several adorable children and still manages to stay fit. Being a trainer, she also has expertise in the area of fitness. On Instagram, she shares her fitness routines and gives you a peek into her life as a busy mom. She’s the perfect person to follow if you’re looking for advice and motivation on how to exercise when you’re pregnant, post-partum, or if you need routines you can manage while being a mom.

Follow: @sarahaleyfit

Beauty and Fashion Instagram Accounts

Sophia Roe – 216k followers

Posted on Instagram by @sophiaroe

Sometimes fashion jumps out at you with its bright colors and patterns, but if minimalism is more your style, you’ll love the classic, understated elegance of Sophia Roe. A blogger based in Copenhagen, Denmark, this fashion aficionado looks like she stepped off the cover of Vogue. Get a glimpse of her minimalistic fashion sense and how to put together your own simple, but elegant, style. Fashion doesn’t have to be fussy or complicated to impress!

Follow: @sophiaroe

Peepy and Mother Lee, Thailand – 128K followers

Posted on Instagram by @peepy_and_mother_lee

Talk about unique style! This mother and son pair dress in lavish, colorful costumes as they travel the world together. The two have gained fame for the unique, matching fashion combos they show off during their travel adventures. The over-the-top pair top it off with an equally fashion-forward pair of sunglasses and other creative accessories. Their favorite quote is “real style is never right or wrong.” They’re obviously getting it right, judging from how many followers they have.

Follow: @peepy_and_mother_lee

Nao Takahashi SHIMA – 19.9K followers

Posted on Instagram by @ nao__takahash

If you have a penchant for punk haircuts and a passion for fashion, you’ll find endless inspiration from Nao Takahashi Shima, a Japanese hair stylist who also walked the runway in the Dolce and Gabbana fashion show in 2018. He’s hip, unique, and his fashion sense and style are cutting edge. Take a walk on the wild side and take a look at his Instagram page!

Follow: @ nao__takahash

Christie Tyler (nycbambi) – 316K followers

Posted on Instagram by @nycbamb

If color isn’t your thing and you love the understated look of neutrals, you’ll feel right at home with this Instagram account. Rising Instagram star, Christie Tyler, inspires you with posts of elegant clothing and home accessories in timeless neutral shades, all from the heart of New York City. What it lacks in color, her feed makes up for with timeless sophistication. It just might inspire you to upgrade your own wardrobe and home by adding a few neutrals.

Follow: @nycbamb

Baddie Winkles – 3.8M followers

Posted on Instagram by @baddiewinkle

Fashion isn’t just for the young, as this almost 90-year-old great grandmother makes clear. Baddie Winkle defies the rules by wearing fun and often outlandish outfits that jive with her quirky personality. Her message is clearly resonating with her audience as her list of followers, including celebrities, continues to grow. Regardless of what she wears, her humor shines through and she always wears a smile.

Follow: @baddiewinkle

Funny Instagram Accounts

Tinder Convos – 190K followers

Posted on Instagram by @tinderconvos

Whether or not you are into swiping right, you’ll get a kick out of this funny Instagram account. From dating fails to opening lines, users of the app submit screenshots of the most outlandish, hilarious conversations on Tinder. But fair warning: once you start reading these, you’ll be hooked.

Follow: @tinderconvos

Miserable Men – 346K followers

Posted on Instagram by @miserable_men

How many men love shopping? Not many but their wives sure do. This Instagrammer captures photos of men as they wait on their wives to finish shopping. Now, you can laugh at other poor guys who endure hours of waiting for their wives or significant other to make their final selections at the shopping mall. The expressions on their faces – the ones who haven’t fallen asleep on the job. A candid look at what guys look like when they’re forced to live through a shopping trip!

ShowBox App Download For PC, Mac, IOS and Android [*Latest*]

ShowBox App Download For PC, Mac, IOS and Android [*Latest*]

ShowBox App Download: Technology has come across immense innovations in the last few years. And the results can be viewed if we look at the apps which have come into being. These days, apps have become so efficient that it can perform a lot of functions. One such feature is downloading and streaming videos from different sources. There are many such apps available, but when it comes to performance, Showbox ranks ahead within the top bracket. And in this following article, we focus on bringing forth all the details that you need to be aware of before you download Showbox for PC running on Windows or any other Operating system.

Showbox App Features: The Outstanding Ones As we have already mentioned, the Showbox App is one of the best in business among the ones which are available currently in the online app market. And here is the validation of that claim. Go through the given features, and you will know why it is presently an unmatched app.

First of all, it allows both the download as well as the streaming of movies and popular TV series which are currently in discussions. You can choose the resolution of the video in which you want to download the film or the TV series. Another important aspect of the Showbox app features is that the videos have got subtitles as well. One can also get the latest news and updates related to the upcoming TV series and movies. A user will also be allowed to bookmark a particular video and can watch the video later on from the ‘Favorites’ section.

One of the many benefits of the Showbox Apk is the fact that there are plenty of changes and updates/upgrades that are seen in the version after version. Every time there is an update, we bring you all the latest benefits and advantages of the updated Apk. This month too, the developers of the app have given us a surprise by releasing a new upgrade. Here, we give you the very latest Showbox Apk file version and the essential details.

Application NameShowbox App.
Latest Version: 5.10
Release Date: July, 2018.
Size: 39.18MB
Compatibility: All the devices that are running on Android 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2 and above are compatible.
Bugs Fixed/Issues
Solved A couple of issues have now been fixed.

Some ShowBox App Features

They include: Some playback issues have now been made better/fixed.
Interface changes are now more noticeable
This app now supports more languages
A few persistent glitches have now been fixed as well.
The developer often releases updated apk files of the Showbox app. And the latest one which has come out on July 27 is the 4.93 version.
For further details, refer below.

App Info

Name: Showbox apk
Version: 4.93
Released on: July, 2018
File Size: 39.28 MB
Compatibility: Android 4.0 and higher
Notes: The new updated version has brought in bug fixes Not all movies had subtitles. The Showbox apk latest version has added captions to a few more movies.

Download Showbox App for Android Devices (Easy Steps to Follow)

Now you know why we recommended this particular app. And from here on we will provide the guidelines for downloading it on your electronic device. At first, we cite the steps that you need to follow to download Showbox latest APK for Android. And before we go into the process, we would like to inform that you cannot download this application from the official app store of any of the famous software developers. And hence, you need to download the apk file of the app to avail all the benefits of the app.

Step 1: Go to Settings find out Security settings of your smartphone. There you need to toggle on the ‘Unknown Sources’. This will enable you to download an app which is not available on Google Play Store.

Step 2: Now you have the license to download and install Showbox apk on your smartphone. Go to the download link we have provided and wait for the downloading process to get over.

Step 3: Once you are over with it, restart your device. And the moment you are back on your ‘Home’ screen, you can spot the Showbox icon. Click on it, and you have the massive world of movies and TV series at your disposal.

Download Showbox App for PC: 3 Exclusive Methods You know how to download this fantastic video by downloading the app on your Android device. You will surely be intrigued to come across the methods that you need to follow to download Showbox App for Windows PC.

But one thing should be mentioned that the application is not officially available for this particular OS. And thus you need to download the APK file with the help of an Android emulator.

So here are three natural methods that will enable you to get hold of the app on your laptop or desktop running on the Windows operating system.

Showbox Apk for Windows: Minimum System Requirements
Ahead of moving on to the simple steps here is a check on what you need to have inside your Windows PC to enjoy proper functioning of the app.

The system requirements are given as follows.

OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
RAM: 512 MB at least
Free Space: 20 GB

Download Showbox App for PC: Method 1 (via Nox App Player)

In the first method, we cite the steps that you should follow to install the apk file of the Showbox app on your personal computer with the help of Nox Android emulator.

Nox app player is an app which has come up the ranks in the recent times. Here goes the guideline for downloading this particular using Nox App Player.

Step 1: Download the Nox App Player from its official website and install it on your device.

Step 2: Now download the latest Showbox apk from the given link.

Step 3: Open Nox App Player. In the Toolbox, you can find the ‘Add APK’ option. Once you click on it, another dialogue box will open.

Step 4: You will be asked to choose the app that you wish to get hold of, Showbox in this case. Add it from where you have stored it. That will initiate the installation process and once it gets over you are ready to use it.

Showbox for Windows PC: Method 2 (using YouWave Android Emulator)

You can go for the YouWave as an alternative to the Nox App Player. And here are the steps that you can follow to download Showbox for PC on your device with the assistance of Remix OS.

Step 1: Download the YouWave Android emulator from the official website of the app. Install it once the download gets over.

Step 2: Now get hold of the apk file of the app in concern from the link provided here and store it somewhere you can get access to quickly.

Step 3: When the download is completed, go to the file and ‘right-click’ on it. The drop down has the option “Open with”. From there, click on YouWave emulator.

Step 4: Select it which will initiate the installation. When it is done, you can find the app icon in the ‘All Apps’ section of your PC.

Install Showbox on Windows PC: Method 3 (using AMIDuOS)

The third method uses AMIDuOS as the Android emulator. It is a well-known software which is slowly gaining, even more, popularity among the users. And to check out how to download the Showbox for PC with the AMIDuOS, scroll down slowly.

Step 1: Like in the previous two, download the AMIDuOS Android emulatorfrom the official website which you can spot easily on the internet, or even you can get it from here. After downloading it to install it.

Step 2: In the second step, you need to download the Showbox apk. Click here to get the file.

Step 3: After downloading it, ‘right-click’ on it. The drop down will give the ‘Open With’ option where you can find ‘Apple to DuOS’. Click on it.

Step 4: The installation process will follow, and when it is over, you will be able to find the Showbox icon on your PC. Click on it, and you have a massive list of movies and TV shows waiting for you.

Download Showbox App for Mac: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

We have already provided the guidelines for the downloading the app on your PC. Now we have the users of devices running the Mac OS which would like to download this incredible video downloading and streaming app. For all those who want to download the Showbox for Mac, we have the steps listed below.

Step 1: For downloading the apk file of the app for Windows, we had some Android emulators to choose from (we opted for three). But here you need to create an account on Genymotion Mac OS X. Then download it on your Mac.

Step 2: Download Virtual Box and subsequently install it.

Step 3: Now login to the Genymotion. There you will find an ‘Add’ button which gives you the option of adding an Android smartphone. Select any of the brands, say LG for instance. You will get many LG smartphones to choose from.

Step 4: The moment you select one with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and Android version 4.4.4 or later (LG G6 for instance), the user interface of the Mac device changes into the user interface of that particular smartphone.

Step 5: The initial stages are done and now download the Showbox latest apk file from the link provided here.

Step 6: Drag and drop the file to the virtual device which will kick-start the installation of the app. (You might need to update the app).

Step 7: One thing you need to do before the installation of the app is, change the settings of your device where you will be redirected automatically. Tick the Unknown sources and wait till installation of Showbox for Mac gets completed.

Showbox for iOS: Is it Even Possible?

You might be eager to come across the process that you need to follow to download the Showbox for iOS. But to the utter misfortune of the users of iOS devices, a version of the app compatible with iOS is still not available. There are chances that in the coming days the developers will release one that will make the app available for the iOS users. But at this moment you need to carry on by downloading the alternatives to Showbox for iOS.

Wrap Up

After going through this entire write-up, and we can assume that you have got an idea of how the Showbox app works. And if that impresses you enough, you can follow the methods that we have cited to download the Showbox apk for Windows or even Mac. In case, you come across any difficulty accessing the mighty Showbox Android App, feel free to leave your queries here. We promise to provide you with a solution at the earliest.

Spotify Premium Apk Latest Version Download (100% Working 😎 )

Spotify Premium Apk Latest Version Download (100% Working 😎 )

Are you a music lover?  If yes then you might be Familiar with Spotify Premium apk. Music is the best thing which can relax you after working for hours and hours. Maybe you like to listen to music while traveling like me. so Today we are here with an app called Spotify Premium Apk.

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Spotify is the best online music streaming application. it is the best Music app out there. in Spotify Premium Apk you will find tons of music collection, audiobooks, podcast and so on. You can share your music playlist with your friends without spending a penny.  Today we are going to share the guide on How to Download Spotify Premium Apk and Install on Android Devices.

What is Spotify Premium Apk

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Spotify Premium apk is a music streaming app as I said earlier. Spotify Premium free comes with loads of features which you can’t access in the free version. Spotify Premium Apk is available for all the devices like Windows PC, Mac, Android, iOS and so on. You can Access unlimited Songs, podcast, So many books and a lot.

Spotify Plus apk gives you features like unlimited Download, no more annoying ads, unlimited space and so more. Spotify Premium Apk can give you full access to it. You can create a songs playlist and share with friends without paying money.

The most favorite feature is you can listen to songs in offline mode. Spotify Premium App is a great app to explore music.

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Features of Spotify Premium free

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Now speaking of features of this very great tool, it won’t be odd too considering them surprising once you know about them. As this is a paid app, Spotify Premium Free Apk definitely, in my opinion, Spotify offers you all the reasonable features it should as per the price of the Premium version. So here are some of them highlighted for you to take a glimpse of what Spotify Premium free is here to provide you.

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1.No Ads:

You will, in this premium version of Spotify not come across a single commercial or any piece of an advertisement throughout your use or experience. There will be absolutely no hindrance while you experience your listening to music. There will not be any visual ads to disturb you as well.

2. No Restrictions on Songs:

In the free version of Sp0tify, you do not get to skip any track. However, in the premium version, you get the chances to skip or control any tracks you want the way you wish to. There come to no restrictions with playing any song. All you have to do is find the track you wish to hear and play it. No limitations on where and what.

3. Download and Offline Music:

You are given the right to download all of your playlist which is limited to 3,333 songs and listen to them whenever you wish, even without the internet connection. This would also help you to save a huge amount of data. Since you will not have to use the internet data every time you listen to your favorite or any track.

4. Unlimited Number of Skips:

You now get the opportunity to skip music whenever you want. This ensures the freedom to use and flexibility of the system. Unlike the freemium app, here you get complete control over the track you are playing.

5. Save Storage Space:

With the help of online streaming of all your favorite and preferred tracks from the Sp0tify’s servers, you will be able to save a large amount of storage space on your Android Smartphone.

6. Premium Sound Quality:

In the premium version, you get three modes of Sound Quality – Normal, High and Extreme. The Extreme quality is known as the Premium where the track plays at 320Kbps which indeed makes your music listening experience more amazing.

Here are some more amazing features of Spotify Premium Apk listed below:-

  • Unlocks Spotify Connect.
  • No Ads.
  • Unlimited Music.
  • Unlimited Download.
  • Offline Music Mode.
  • HD Audio Quality.
  • User-Friendly interface.
  • Unlimited Storage.
  • Custom playlist.
  • You can Repeats songs.
  • Unlimited shuffle.
  • The user can play any song.

These are the most popular features of the Spotify Premium Apk. if you want to explore more you have to Download Spotify Premium apk on your Devices and try out.

Before we proceed further You have to follow some Pre-Requirements to Install Spotify Premium Apk without Root.

Download Spotify Premium Apk 2019 Latest Version


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  • Android Version Should be Android 4.0 or above.
  • No root required.
  • Minimum RAM should be 1 GB.
  • You Need 4GB Internal Storage.
  • Internet Connection.

Note:- Please Bookmark Our Blog for Latest Update, So you can Easily Update Spotify Premium Apk.

APP NAMESPOTIFY PREMIUM APKVersion8.40Size38 MBRootNoCategoryMusicAuthorSpotify LTDRequired Android VersionAndroid 4+Last UpdateJan 2018

  • Save

How to Install Spotify Premium Apk on Android Device?

In this Section, We are going to guide you How to Install Spotify Premium Apk on Android Phone. Before proceeding further You need to Enable Unknown Source option from your Smartphone setting.

  • Save

To Do That:

  1. On your Android Phone. Open Setting.
  2. In setting Find Security Options and Tap on.
  3. Scroll Down until you see Unknown Sources option.
  4. Now, tap on Unknown sources toggle button.
  5. A warning popup will appear asking you if you want to allow Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources.
  6. Simply Hit on Yes to Proceed.

Now We are completely ready to Install Spotify Premium Apk on Android. Without further ado let’s get started.

Step 1:- Download Spotify Premium Apk from the link Given below.


Step 2:- Once the Apk file Downloaded. Just install it on your Android Phone.

Step 3:– Now, You need to open the app and Create a new account if you don’t have one. If you have, then Log in to your Account.

Step 4:- That’s all. Now you can enjoy your favorite songs, podcast, audio books.

There you have now you have Successfully Installed Spotify Premium Apk on your Android.

If you facing login location issue in the Spotify. Then we will suggest you head over the next section where we have shared the tutorial on How to Fix Login Location issue on Spotify Mod Apk.

Download Cloud TV Apk Android Phone

How to download Spotify Premium Apk for PC

Why should Android users have all the fun? Users of Mac and PC also wish to use this great tool. Although there is a web version of Spotify MOD, you should have an account or else you can use the basic features. And here is where our hero- Spotify++ comes into the picture. A similar MOD Apk as that to Spotify, Spotify++ comes handy for a PC.

And for the purpose of downloading this apk, you can make use of an Android Emulator. For those who do not know, an android emulator is a sort of tool through which you can run we have mentioned below a few steps through which you can download Spotify Premium APK for Mac and PC.

You can download any famous emulators on your PC like- Bluestacks, Nox App Player, GenyMotion, etc.

Also Read: Download Android lightweight Emulator 

Here we go-

  • Install Bluestacks on your PC or Mac. Download Spotify ++. Double click on the setup file and then accept the license agreement and follow the given instructions visible on the screen.
  • Open Bluestacks, once installed and then launch it.
  • Sign in using your Gmail Account. (Create a new one if you do not have any)
  • Then drag and drop the Spotify++ file on Bluestacks.
  • Wait until the same gets installed on the PC.

How to Fix Spotify’s Not Available in your Country issue

Sp0tify is available in a few countries like the United State, United Kingdom, and some more. Here we are going to guide How you can access the Music app is not an available country. You can check that your country is on a list or not. Official Website.

Here We are going to use a VPN. Might you have heard about Virtual Private Networks (VPN)?

What is a VPN?

In an easy word. VPN helps you to connect your Smartphone, Computer, or tablet to another server somewhere on the internet. If you connected to sever which is in a different country, it will show as if you are living in that particular country.

Without Wasting any more time Let’s start the Guide.

Step 1:- Download any Free and Good VPN from Playstore. We suggest you Install the Hola, Turbo VPN.

Step 2:- Download Hola App. and Once the Download completed.

Step 3:- Now Open the VPN App. Maybe you need to create an account to access it. it is free to do it.

Step 4:- Choose the country that allows Spotify app. Like the United States, UK or any other.

Step 5:- Then click on the connect button to process.

Step 6:- Once the VPN connects. Head back to the Spotify app and try to log in to it. It will work definitely.

Hola! Although this is a little bit confusing you can try turbo VPN first.

That’s all !!! You are done!

Final Words

So, guys, this was all about Spotify premium free Apk. We have shared with you, How to download and install Spotify Premium Apk on an android phone. And also we have shown you how you can fix Spotify if it is not available in your country is your issue.

If there is something we missed, you can let us know in the comment box below. I hope you loved our guide. Thanks for Reading our article. Keep visiting Android Jungles. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter for receiving notifications for such articles.

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for Tech Update. and Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for a quick update on Tech Stuff,

If you have any doubts or question regarding the tutorial process, Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you all.

Lucky Patcher Original Apk – Download V8.3.1 For Android

Download Lucky Patcher apk: Are you a Game Freak or a droid freak who loves to explore newer apps and sources to make the fun to its fullest on android. However, many of you cannot make it to the fullest since these app developers add in it stuff that you will need to purchase or using and hence arises a need for a software that would help to make through these in-app purchases and other stuff grabbing money from you like ads. Lucky Patcher Apk is one such software that allows you to have your hands on most of the paid things in an app.

  • Save

Yes, you read it right. Lucky Patcher is one such app for android that would make it possible for you to hack the in-app purchases, what used to cost you several bucks would now cost you 0. Not only this but you can get the whole control on your Android device, letting you keep only the content you want in it, including system or in-built apps.

Want to grab this incredible tool and have an unrestricted command over your phone, let us then first know some basic things and features about Lucky Patcher and then head on to the step-by-step download and install guide.

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What is Lucky Patcher Apk 2019?

Lucky Patcher 2019 is an app that proves to be a boon to those who love android games and apps to have their hands on. Lucky Patcher is a tool that can crack most of the android games so as to enjoy them to the fullest without worrying about the points or character or lives that otherwise, you would have to buy spending bucks.

There are millions and zillions of apps and games that you surely addicted to some of them are. But not every app or game can be availed to its fullest without paying for the in-app purchases. Now, this isn’t pocket-friendly to many people. Spending money that you earned with plenty of hard work on some virtual entertainment purpose is not really acceptable to everybody.

Lucky Patcher Apk gives you that golden opportunity of using these all features without having to pay anything at all. You can also change app permissions, remove license verification, and so many experiments resulting in a complete change in your android device. The Patcher is developed by ChelpuS.


Hack In-App Purchase

You can make all the premium or paid stuff absolutely free to use with the help of this app. There won’t be any need of paying for any character, points or lives in any game. The LP bypass makes the content of any app free to use. However, this feature may not surely work for highly secured servers. But in general, it works for most of the popular and played apps and games. You can Use Lucky patcher games to crack Games.

Remove License Verification

You can remove the license verification from any of the android apps which proves to be one amazing feature indeed. There seem to be a few apps that start up with license verification error as they are downloaded from unknown sources but you can surely fix them using Lucky Patcher apk.

Remove Ads

Many times we face these irrelevant and useless ads that interrupt much in our gaming experience or while exploring any app. But now with the help of this app, you can actually get rid of these ads and have an overall smoother experience. Without google ads patch you can easily remove these ads within a few clicks.

Move Apps to SD Card

Android apps use much more device storage so as to save cache and obb data files. This surely results in high usage of the internal storage that can create problems for installing other new apps or saving new data. This might have been experienced by many people, I assume.

Convert App to System App

It isn’t a new thing that many apps are much more important than the inbuilt system apps. With this feature, you can give them their actual place by simply converting any app you want to system app.

Custom Patches

You get a wide range of custom patches for your apps. Custom patches are custom mods and tweaks that modify an app for unlocking premium features or grabbing free availabilities. You can call it a kind of hack and this can be used only for selected apps having custom patches available created by developers.

Change App Permissions

You can change the app permissions using Lucky Patcher and this would end up in allowing you to make administrator level changes in the app, Whatever they may be.

Modded Play Store

You can install a modded play store with the help of Lucky Patcher. Through the modded play store, you can use the protected apps with google license verification library without cracking them. You can verify the license in offline mode and disable self-update and a lot more.

Remove System Apps

You can clear up space by removing those irrelevant and worthless apps that are inbuilt in the system. This would make you some space for other important apps for you or just giving you additional space.

Backup Apps and Data

You can easily backup your important files and data by using Lucky Patcher. You can save the backup of the app in the external file. This can later be imported into your Cloud or PC. That means you can easily retrieve the data from any of the saved locations.

Unlimited Access to Game Resources

With Lucky Patcher, comes an opportunity that serves you giving limitless access to the points, characters, lives, weapons, or whatever that otherwise would have to be brought by paying a good amount for it.

WhatsApp MOD in 2019

WhatsApp MOD in 2019

5 WhatsApp MOD in 2019 – The Best Mod APKs to be Updated – The existence of WhatsApp now makes instant messaging becomes more interesting. To avoid boredom in the appearance of the WhatsApp official app, there are some modes that can be easily downloaded on the internet. Here is the WhatsApp MOD APKs that are extremely popular now.

1. GBWhatsApp

The first mod on the list is GB WhatsApp which is quite similar to WhatsApp. However, it comes with various extra features that will make it possible for you to get what you desire from WhatsApp.

  • Copy Status to Clipboard
    The feature available in the mod allows the users to download other people’s status and then copy it to your clipboard.
  • Auto Reply
    This feature will be helpful the most if you continuously get messages from someone while you have no enough time to replay. The auto replay will make it possible for the users to send messages contains sentences such as “you are busy on work.”
  • DND Mode
    If you are busy and hope that there will be nothing to disturb your work, this DND mode will be very helpful. This feature will disable the access of internet to your GBWhatsApp.
  • Live Location Sharing
    This feature is aimed to help the users to share your current location by using the option of live location sharing available on the mod.
  • Documents Limitation
    By using the feature, the users will be able to share many documents that you can’t don with the official WhatsApp.The documents limitation feature will allow you to share 100 documents all at once.

GWhatsApp APK v6.85 (com.gbwa) | DOWNLOAD 35mb

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2. WhatsApp Plus

This is the modded version of official WhatsApp with various features to allow you to enjoy a better experience of instant messaging with WhatsApp.

  • Group Description
    WhatsApp group usually contains members with various characters and backgrounds that make you want to add some rules in the group sometimes. With this feature, you can add a group description to make additional rules for the WhatsApp group.
  • Play Video Option
    This feature will be very useful the most for you who want to play a video on your WhatsApp by using the other video players. In this way, you can play videos from whatever video players you want without being worried that the WhatsApp official version doesn’t support.
  • Filter Messages
    Are you tired of scrolling down your conversation on WhatsApp to find some specific messages from your dear ones? This filter message will be very useful. All you need to do is just tapping on the icon call filter.
  • High-Quality Images
    Most of the time, official WhatsApp will lower the quality of any images you send. The high-quality images feature, you will be able to send images with high-quality simply by default.

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WhatsApp Plus APK v6.85 (com.wa) | DOWNLOAD 35MB

3. YOWhatsApp

The next WhatsApp MOD in the list is YoWhatsApp that comes with various interesting features to enjoy.

  • Added Fonts
    Are you bored with the default fonts provided in the official version of WhatsApp? The added fonts feature os YoWhatsApp will enable you to change your boring fonts simply by using the Setting feature provided.
  • New Icon
    Sending instant messaging by using YoWhatsApp will be more interesting. The mod offers new icon feature to allow you change the look of your WhatsApp appearance. In this way, you will never get bored since there are many new things you can do with the messages you send or receive.
  • Bug Fixes
    This feature is specially designed to increase the fixes or smoothness of the various bugs you can find in your WhatsApp.

YOWhatsApp v7.81 APK with stiker (com.wa) | DOWNLOAD 44MB

YOWhatsApp v7.81 APK with stiker (com.yowa) | DOWNLOAD 44MB

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4. Fouad WhatsApp

This mode is developed by Fouad Mokdad which is quite similar to FMWA. This mod has some extra features that will give you a different experience of instant messaging with WhatsApp.

  • Changing Launcher Icon
    This feature will make it possible for the users of WhatsApp to change the launcher icon and tick styles. In this way, using WhatsApp to send messages will become more fun.
  • Add Cool Filters
    Another feature you can enjoy from this Fouad WhatsApp is adding cool filters when you need to send videos or images.
  • More Font Style
    There will be more font styles that the users will get from this mod. Not only that, but there are also font previews that will make the mod becomes more interesting.

Fouad WhatsApp v7.81 APK with stiker (com.wa) | DOWNLOAD 54MB

NOEmoji (com.wa) | DOWNLOAD 39MB

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5. OGWhatsApp

This mod is just like WhatsApp Plus with extra interesting features added. The OG WhatsApp will also make it possible for you to use two WhatsApp on your gadget at the same time. In this way, there will be more contacts that you can save on your device.

  • Group Name Limitations
    If you are kind of solicited person with lots of friends and WhatsApp groups in your device, you will love the group name limitation feature provided by OG WhatsApp. This is because the mod is capable to support at least 35 characters of a group name. Thus, you will be able to use your imagination and creativity to create your favorite name of WA groups without being limited by the characters.
  • New Emojis
    Are you bored with the emojis you get from the official version of WhatsApp? Well, there is a good news for you since the OG WhatsApp offers more new emojis to be applied on your instant messaging. However, there is something that you should keep in mind about this new emojis. If you send the new emojis, they can only be viewed by those who also use the OG WhatsApp just like you. In this way, there will be only a question (?) mark displayed on the official WhatsApp if you send the emojis to those who do not use the OG WhatsApp.
  • Appearance and Setting Editor
    There is editing feature to enable the users of this WhatsApp MOD to upgrade the look of their WhatsApp appearance. You will be able to customize the whole look of your official WhatsApp application by editing this following setting:
    a. Size, colors, and header of chat images.
    b. Size and header of contacts’ images.
    c. Widgets’ size and colors.
    d. Disabling several functions such as animations, and voice notes.
    e. The size and the whole look of pop-up notifications.
    f. Launcher icons’ colors.
Download Mod Skin LOL Pro 2019 (Official Latest Version)

Download Mod Skin LOL Pro 2019 (Official Latest Version)

League of Legends (LOL) has been one of the most played online games all over the world. Here, we’re going to provide you with a complete guide on how to download Mod Skin LOL Pro.

We have also provided a direct download button for the skin that you can get for free. All you need is to click on it and it’s yours. No need to use any internet download manager. So keep on reading and learn from the steps written below.

Playing League of Legends with friends is much more fun. Download the latest version of GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus and share this post’s link with your friends. If you have Snapchat, IMO messsnger, or WeChat messenger, you can also share this Mod Skin LOL Pro on those apps.

Contents [show]

Download Mod Skin LOL Pro 2019

VersionMod Skin LOL Pro 8.24.4Size2.2 MBRequirementWindows 7 +Last Updated10 April 2019Download  Mod Skin LOL Pro

How to Use and Download Mod Skin LOL Pro

Step 1: Downloading the software from the download button above.

Step 2: Go to League of Legends. Open the Mod Skin Lol Pro Program.

Step 3: Choose champion skin including Champion name.

Step 4: Click on the blue button to activate. Now you can play with a new look of your champion.

Note: The mod skin can be applied prior to opening the LoL client or while running. Just don’t apply it while you are queued for a match otherwise it will not work.

Every champion in LOL wears a skin. These skins can be bought in LOL official client site depending on your country. And it’ll cost you a lot of money. But in this site, we are going to provide a download link where you can get the LoL Pro Mod Skin for free.

What is League of Legends or LOL?

League of Legends (LOL) is from Riot Games. It is another online multiplayer games. It runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

The concept of LOL is that a summoner controls a champion with its abilities. It will then battle against computer champions or a team of other online players.

The main goal is to destroy the base of the opposing team or the Nexus which has defensive structures for protection. The players of LOL start weak. And to become strong they need to acquire items and experiences while playing the game.

The Risk of Using Mod Skin LOL Pro

Disclaimer: We have shared this for educational purposes only. We will not be responsible for any loss that may happen on your account.

There are no reports of banned accounts while using Mod Skin LOL Pro. To be clear, it does not have the capability to change the entire game.

It only provides players with an option to change the look of their characters. However, risks are unavoidable and it usually happens when there’s an update to the game client.

When using customized skin, there are cases that you need to reinstall the LoL upon updating the client. Some have claimed that their accounts are banned but it is still not proven.

In Conclusion

Here’s how you can download the Mod Skin LOL Pro to customize the champion you have chosen to play on. Using the mod skin, you will be able to achieve a higher winning rate. Thus, playing LoL will be a great experience.

If you have questions and concerns with the procedure we provided above, please do not hesitate to leave them below, inside the comment box. We’ll be glad to help you with whatever we can.