Tinder’s New Spring Break Mode Takes FOMO To The Max

Tinder’s New Spring Break Mode Takes FOMO To The Max

It’s that time of year when your priorities start to shift. You’re checked out, and we don’t blame you. Spring break is on the horizon, and whether you’re heading somewhere tropical or heading straight for your jammies all week, you better start working out your swiping skills. Tinder’s Spring Break Mode has just rolled out to give you a head start on looking for that cutie chilling down at the boardwalk.

Just like spring break, this Tinder feature won’t last forever (sigh). As of March 4, up until March 31, 2019, you can be on the prowl for a bronzed babe if you plan to visit one of Tinder’s selected spring break locations. All you have to do is locate the Spring Break card on the app to start swiping on singles headed to the same vacation destination as you and your gang.

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But what if you’re staying home for spring break? You bet Tinder is looking out for those who have a one-way ticket to their living room, too. Simply select the “Staycation” option on the app to have the opportunity to match with others who plan to stay at home for the week. Finding a spring (break) fling has never been easier.

Remember Tinder U?

Tinder’s Spring Break Mode is not the first time the app has narrowed down the dating pool for you. Last year, Tinder launched “Tinder U,” a dating service for college students only, allowing you to find potential love interests on your campus (or a rival one, no one’s judging here). With such great success from Tinder U, the brains behind the app came up with another way for college-aged singles to find love (or something like that), and they are only just getting started.

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What’s Next For Tinder?

Tinder’s Spring Break Mode isn’t necessarily a shocker to anyone, but it is a bold statement. In the past, Tinder has shyed away from claming the hook-up title, despite the stigma that has always been there.

But as of more recently, Tinder’s branding has shifted; they’ve owned the fact that the majority of their users are looking for a casual fling, rather than a serious relationship, and they’ve used it to hone in on their target audience – late teens and early twenty-somethings. It’s no secret that spring break has a reputation for that sort of activity – partying and hookups – which is something Tinder is taking advantage of.

Spring Break Mode Is Just The Start

They want you to find your “vacay-bae,” as they’ve coined it, but they’re not banking on you finding the love of your life in the process. However, they’re not just taking a shot in the dark with this feature. It was developed off of cold-hard data. In the past, Tinder app usage skyrocketted in the areas that most college students like to frequent for spring break – think Panama City, Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, and Puerto Rico. Singles looking for other singles on vacation? Not a new concept, but Tinder took hold of this data and hit a home run with it, meaning you don’t have to awkwardly approach that group of gals on the beach with a cheesy pickup line anymore.

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So, what does this mean for the future of Tinder? Well, you can count on more features like Tinder U and Spring Break Mode to help you find singles in your area, whether you’re poolside or binge-watching Game Of Thrones in your Snuggie all week. You can also expect Tinder to continue to curb the idea of finding “the one” and fully embrace the hookup culture.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to find your “vacay-bae” through Tinder’s Spring Break Mode. But if you know anything about the world of dating apps, you know it’s not always bikinis, beaches, and Bacardi. Sometimes (and by that we mean a lot of times), Tinder’s matches aren’t a match made in heaven. You won’t want to miss this blog, where we spill all the tea on these 10 Best Tinder Dating Fails.

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