WhatsApp MOD in 2019

WhatsApp MOD in 2019

5 WhatsApp MOD in 2019 – The Best Mod APKs to be Updated – The existence of WhatsApp now makes instant messaging becomes more interesting. To avoid boredom in the appearance of the WhatsApp official app, there are some modes that can be easily downloaded on the internet. Here is the WhatsApp MOD APKs that are extremely popular now.

1. GBWhatsApp

The first mod on the list is GB WhatsApp which is quite similar to WhatsApp. However, it comes with various extra features that will make it possible for you to get what you desire from WhatsApp.

  • Copy Status to Clipboard
    The feature available in the mod allows the users to download other people’s status and then copy it to your clipboard.
  • Auto Reply
    This feature will be helpful the most if you continuously get messages from someone while you have no enough time to replay. The auto replay will make it possible for the users to send messages contains sentences such as “you are busy on work.”
  • DND Mode
    If you are busy and hope that there will be nothing to disturb your work, this DND mode will be very helpful. This feature will disable the access of internet to your GBWhatsApp.
  • Live Location Sharing
    This feature is aimed to help the users to share your current location by using the option of live location sharing available on the mod.
  • Documents Limitation
    By using the feature, the users will be able to share many documents that you can’t don with the official WhatsApp.The documents limitation feature will allow you to share 100 documents all at once.

GWhatsApp APK v6.85 (com.gbwa) | DOWNLOAD 35mb

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2. WhatsApp Plus

This is the modded version of official WhatsApp with various features to allow you to enjoy a better experience of instant messaging with WhatsApp.

  • Group Description
    WhatsApp group usually contains members with various characters and backgrounds that make you want to add some rules in the group sometimes. With this feature, you can add a group description to make additional rules for the WhatsApp group.
  • Play Video Option
    This feature will be very useful the most for you who want to play a video on your WhatsApp by using the other video players. In this way, you can play videos from whatever video players you want without being worried that the WhatsApp official version doesn’t support.
  • Filter Messages
    Are you tired of scrolling down your conversation on WhatsApp to find some specific messages from your dear ones? This filter message will be very useful. All you need to do is just tapping on the icon call filter.
  • High-Quality Images
    Most of the time, official WhatsApp will lower the quality of any images you send. The high-quality images feature, you will be able to send images with high-quality simply by default.

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WhatsApp Plus APK v6.85 (com.wa) | DOWNLOAD 35MB

3. YOWhatsApp

The next WhatsApp MOD in the list is YoWhatsApp that comes with various interesting features to enjoy.

  • Added Fonts
    Are you bored with the default fonts provided in the official version of WhatsApp? The added fonts feature os YoWhatsApp will enable you to change your boring fonts simply by using the Setting feature provided.
  • New Icon
    Sending instant messaging by using YoWhatsApp will be more interesting. The mod offers new icon feature to allow you change the look of your WhatsApp appearance. In this way, you will never get bored since there are many new things you can do with the messages you send or receive.
  • Bug Fixes
    This feature is specially designed to increase the fixes or smoothness of the various bugs you can find in your WhatsApp.

YOWhatsApp v7.81 APK with stiker (com.wa) | DOWNLOAD 44MB

YOWhatsApp v7.81 APK with stiker (com.yowa) | DOWNLOAD 44MB

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4. Fouad WhatsApp

This mode is developed by Fouad Mokdad which is quite similar to FMWA. This mod has some extra features that will give you a different experience of instant messaging with WhatsApp.

  • Changing Launcher Icon
    This feature will make it possible for the users of WhatsApp to change the launcher icon and tick styles. In this way, using WhatsApp to send messages will become more fun.
  • Add Cool Filters
    Another feature you can enjoy from this Fouad WhatsApp is adding cool filters when you need to send videos or images.
  • More Font Style
    There will be more font styles that the users will get from this mod. Not only that, but there are also font previews that will make the mod becomes more interesting.

Fouad WhatsApp v7.81 APK with stiker (com.wa) | DOWNLOAD 54MB

NOEmoji (com.wa) | DOWNLOAD 39MB

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5. OGWhatsApp

This mod is just like WhatsApp Plus with extra interesting features added. The OG WhatsApp will also make it possible for you to use two WhatsApp on your gadget at the same time. In this way, there will be more contacts that you can save on your device.

  • Group Name Limitations
    If you are kind of solicited person with lots of friends and WhatsApp groups in your device, you will love the group name limitation feature provided by OG WhatsApp. This is because the mod is capable to support at least 35 characters of a group name. Thus, you will be able to use your imagination and creativity to create your favorite name of WA groups without being limited by the characters.
  • New Emojis
    Are you bored with the emojis you get from the official version of WhatsApp? Well, there is a good news for you since the OG WhatsApp offers more new emojis to be applied on your instant messaging. However, there is something that you should keep in mind about this new emojis. If you send the new emojis, they can only be viewed by those who also use the OG WhatsApp just like you. In this way, there will be only a question (?) mark displayed on the official WhatsApp if you send the emojis to those who do not use the OG WhatsApp.
  • Appearance and Setting Editor
    There is editing feature to enable the users of this WhatsApp MOD to upgrade the look of their WhatsApp appearance. You will be able to customize the whole look of your official WhatsApp application by editing this following setting:
    a. Size, colors, and header of chat images.
    b. Size and header of contacts’ images.
    c. Widgets’ size and colors.
    d. Disabling several functions such as animations, and voice notes.
    e. The size and the whole look of pop-up notifications.
    f. Launcher icons’ colors.

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